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Hi! my name is Angharad and welcome to my page. I hope you like my jokes and games. I have got a game about Robin the Rat and 12 jokes.
Have fun! love Angharad.

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You must be joking! 12 jokes to keep you laughing all day long. 
What do you call a teacher with no hands, body or legs?   a head teacher!
Patient: Doctor, Doctor, I feel like a goat: Doctor: ;How long has this been going on? Patient: Since I was a kid
Why did the dinosaur cross the road?      Because chickens hadnt been invented yet!
What did the biscuit say when it got run over?     Crumbs!;
Which is a hungry calfs favourite town?       Uddersfield!
What did the lonely hand say as it crossed the road?   Im off to the second hand shop!

Whats yellow and goes round and round?        a banana in a washing mashine

What did the mother ghost say to her child?     fasten your sheet belt!
What bank does Dracula rob at night?    a blood bank!
What does a little witch hope to get for her birthday?       a haunted dolls house.
What do you give to a sick bird?       Tweetment!
What do lady sheep wear?    Uniforms!

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